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NCSL are experts in Acoustic Development.

Our Acoustic Engineers know that not all acoustic projects have governing standards. So, our vast experience allows us to work closely with clients to develop bespoke methods of assessment.

This is generally a requirement for our clients in the fields of product development. However, we can assist our customers with any bespoke projects which require noise & vibration support.

Acoustic development is found in many areas. For example, product development, automotive and R&D.

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Acoustic Engineers


NCSL acoustic consultants supply acoustic consultancy services in many fields, including:

  • Environmental noise.
  • Sound testing / Sound insulation testing.
  • Audio engineering.
  • Building acoustics.
  • Vibration condition monitoring.
  • Laboratory acoustics.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Sound power assessment.
  • Industrial noise.
  • Noise at work.
  • Vibration control.
  • Loudspeaker design.
  • Room acoustics.
  • Acoustic / audio software development.
  • Investigations.

You can learn more about what acoustic engineers do in this blog post.

There is also more information about on the IOA website.

Our engineers use the latest measurement equipment and analysis methods to ensure accurate results. We are also experts in vibration measurement. In addition, we have vast experience in psychoacoustics.

Our noise consultants are chartered acoustic engineers & full members of the IOA. Giving you confidence in our ability to delivery your project successfully.

Previously, our engineers have specified anechoic chamber designs, developed hearing protection test software, undertaken sound power assessments and much more.

This provides NCSL with a solid foundation of knowledge to provide expert consultancy to our clients in all fields of acoustics.


Acoustic Measurement

Acoustic Measurement

No matter what your project, NCSL are perfectly placed to assist with your acoustic development.

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