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Noise Consultants – Industrial, Building Noise Assessments

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What do Sound Consultants Do?


Noise Control Solutions Limited are a team of Noise Consultants. But what exactly do we do?

Acoustics is the study of Noise & Vibration, and our services cover all aspects of the topic.

Our Noise Consultants work across many different areas of sound, which allows us to provide expert advice in many areas. Our team have worked in: Product development. Research. Hearing protection. Environmental noise. Building acoustics. Acoustic software design. Audio systems and even vehicle noise.

Often, Noise Consultants work in:

  • Environmental Noise – protecting the noise environment.
  • Building Acoustics – making sure separating walls and floors block out enough sound.
  • Noise Control – helping to reduce noise levels.
  • Vibration Control – reducing vibration levels.
  • Product development – designing products to minimise noise & vibration levels.
  • Certification – assessing devices against required legislation (eg sound power).
  • Hearing protection – testing & development of hearing protection devices.
  • Noise at Work – protecting workers hearing.
  • Audio Systems – design of audio systems and live sound.

As you can see, Noise Consultants cover a wide range of activities. You can learn more about our Noise Consultant Services here. Still, the work of acoustic consultants is generally behind the scenes. For example:

  • NVH engineers develop your car.
  • Noise Engineers test your home for sound insulation.
  • Acoustic Consultants assess the white goods you own.
  • Your workplace is assessed for Noise to protect your hearing.

Although we don’t notice these things often, the effect of acoustic consultants are all around us.

Noise Consultants

Noise Consultants

Notably, the vast majority of the work conducted by us relates to Environmental Noise & Sound Insulation Testing. Generally, building regulations and planning applications require this.

It is worth noting that we are also able to offer many other services relating to noise & vibration – and proud to be able to support our clients in many industries. Contact our acoustic consultants for more information.

Our consultants are chartered Noise Engineers, and corporate members of the Institute of Acoustics. So you can be sure your project is in safe hands.

In the event that you have any questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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