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Noise & Vibration Control

NCSL are specialists in vibration & noise control engineering. As a result, we provide noise and vibration control solutions to clients from a range of industries and sectors.

Further, we have specified noise reduction methods to industry, highways, workshops, hospitality and many more. We pride ourselves on helping clients, no matter how large or small their project is. You can lean more about our ventilation noise control case study here.

This can:

  • Protect the hearing of employees.
  • Reduce noise break-out to local areas.
  • Improve the acoustics within workplaces.

Generally, the first stage is to measure the noise level and frequency spectra of the noise source. This allows us to provide tailor made recommendations which will provide maximum performance. We also recommend measuring the background sound level in the area, to provide a noise reduction target.

Further work can also be conducted. In particular, we may recommend modal analysis, vibration measurements or advanced data analysis.

Acoustic Engineers

Noise control methods will vary between projects, but some most common include:

  • Acoustic enclosures.
  • Operation adjustment.
  • Vibration isolation.
  • Vibration damping.
  • Device optimisation.
  • Noise barriers.
  • Modal tuning.
  • Acoustic absorption.

With this in mind, it is clear that many methods can be used.

Similarly, NCSL offer vibration condition monitoring services. This monitors the health of machinery over time using vibration analysis.
It should also be noted that our acoustic consultants are also highly experienced in the assessment and control of vibration.

We use the latest measurement and analysis technology, in combination with our years of experience in noise control. This allows us to provide creative & effective solutions to our clients.

No matter your project, NCSL can provide effective noise and vibration control measures to suit your needs.

Our team have vast experience in many fields. This allows us to assist no matter what your noise problem is.

Read more about industrial noise at GOV.UK.

Noise Control

Noise Control

Having issues relating to industrial noise, or suffering as a result? If so, contact our acoustic engineers today to see how we can help your project.

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