Acoustic Consultancy

Noise Impact Assessment

The introduction of new industrial or commercial equipment generally falls under the scope of BS 4142. This standard requires the assessment of the acoustic impact of proposed equipment upon the local environment.

Commonly, during planning applications, local authorities will require a Noise Impact Assessment. This is required to negate any adverse acoustic impact resulting from the proposed equipment installation.

NCSL delivers comprehensive Noise Impact Assessment to our clients in order to minimise issues during the planning application process. Where a concern is identified by an impact survey, we can provide advice regarding palliative measures to prevent any disturbance at noise sensitive receptors.

Acoustic Design Reviews

For NCSL clients involved in the building or development of industrial, commercial or residential properties, our design review service provides support to ensure noise legislation conformity.

It is our firm belief that acoustic performance optimisation at the design stage of a project is significantly more cost-effective compared to the installation of corrective measures which may be required to meet regulations once the project is fully developed.

NCSL also offer Sound Insulation Testing to Approved Document E, which is generally required for new build properties or change of use properties incorporating dwellings.

In particular, we specialise in acoustic reviews for:

  • Approved Document E (Part E – Resistance to the passage of sound).
  • Sound Insulation Testing
  • Robust Details
  • Building Bulleting 93 (BB93 – Acoustic Design of Schools)
  • BS 8233 (Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings – Code of Practice

Noise & Vibration Control

Thanks to NCSL’s experience in acoustics and noise control engineering, we are able to provide noise control solutions to clients across a wide range of industries and applications.

This may be required to protect the hearing of employees, mitigate noise break-out to local communities or to simply improve the acoustic environment within workplaces.

Whatever your requirements, NCSL can provide effective and innovative noise and vibration control measures to suit your needs.

Echo and Reverberation Control

Excessive echos and reverberations can pose significant challenges for speech intelligibility, communication systems and high fidelity audio reproduction.

In particular, acoustic environments for education, sport and music events tend to suffer due to their large size, hard boundary surfaces and symmetric geometries.

At NCSL, we have over a decade of experience in reverberation assessment and control over a wide range of applications and venues.

Bespoke Projects

NCSL experts supply consultancy services in many fields of acoustics, including:

  • Environmental noise
  • Building acoustics
  • Laboratory acoustics
  • Hearing protection
  • Sound power assessment
  • Industrial noise
  • Noise at work
  • Vibration control
  • Loudspeaker design
  • Room acoustics

This provides NCSL with a solid foundation of knowledge to provide expert consultancy to our clients throughout all fields of acoustics.

Sound Insulation Testing

NCSL offer a wealth of experience in building acoustics projects, particulatly in terms of sound insulation testing (also commonly refered to as sound testing, pre-completion testing or Approved Document E testing).

Newly built or converted properties for residential use are required to meet specified sound insulation requirements relating to separating wall and floor structures as per Approved Document E.

This involves the measurement of a noise source on either sound of a partition (the wall or floor in questions) and the application of corrections for reverberation time and background sound to assess the noise reduction provided by the structure.

NCSL acoustic design review services can help developers to understand the likelyhood of passing the sound insulation test before construction begins, in order to minimise expensive corrective works once the seperating walls and floors have been built.

NCSL also offer trial assessments, in order to define the peformance of party walls or floors on an individual basis before a design is implemented across a full development of dwellings.

In cases where a partition fails this assessment, NCSL can provide remedial advice to correct the issue and re-test when required. In addition, NCSL can review proposed constructions in order to highlight any concern areas before work commences.

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