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Here at Noise Control Solutions, our experienced team of sound testing specialists cover the area of Lancashire including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Lancaster
  • Preston
  • Chorley
  • Burnley
  • Morecambe
  • Skelmersdale
  • Accrington
  • Fulwood
  • Leyland
  • Nelson
  • Fleetwood
  • Colne
  • Haslingden
  • Oswaldtwistle
  • Lytham
  • Clitheroe
  • Heysham
  • Euxton
  • And much more.

Sound Solution Consultants Lancashire

With our vast experience in sound testing, we are proud to delivery top-notch sound insulation testing services to our amazing clients throughout Lancashire and the surrounding areas.

We are SITMA Accredited for sound insulation testing which is  a highly trusted accreditation for Building Regulation testing. We provide accurate reports that are accepted by the vast majority of Building Control Bodies. Our accreditation covers both residential and commercial dwellings along with other types of buildings.

Our Lancashire team of professionally training and experienced sound specialists have completed thousands of sound tests and surveys in Lancashire and the nearby areas including: Lancaster, Chorley, Morecambe, Skelmersdale, Accrington, Fulwood, Leyland and more.

When you choose to work with Noise Control Solutions, you can rest assured that the quality of our sound tests is second to none. We use only the cutting-edge tools and technology to test the noise levels in different types of buildings including domestic and commercial.

Sound Testing Lancashire

Sound Insulation Testing for Residential Buildings in Lancashire

Sound insulation testing is known by many different names, which include sound testing, pre-completion testing, soundproof testing, and more. It can be very confusing for someone new to this process to understand these terms and the similarities or differences between them. In a nutshell, these terms have the same meaning, i.e., sound insulation testing. Before hopping onto the details of the process, you must know how to prepare your rooms for sound testing and when it is required.

For new or converted dwellings, rooms for residential use, and flats, Building Regulations Approved Document E is  used. For that, tests need to be done on finished walls and floors structures. This is done to ensure that the building is compliant with the guidelines laid down by building control.

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  • Noise Impact Assessment.
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  • BS 4142
  • Sound Testing Lancashire.
  • Acoustic Design Reviews.
  • Noise & Vibration Control.
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Our Specialties

  • Environmental Noise.
  • Building Acoustics.
  • Approved Document E (Part E – Resistance to the passage of sound).
  • Building Bulletin 93 (BB93 – Acoustic Design of Schools).
  • BS8233 (Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings – Code of Practice).
  • Product Development.

    Sound Testing Lancashire

    sound testing Lancashire

    Sound Testing Consultants Lancashire

    Sound Testing Experts Lancashire

    Sound Testing Experts Lancashire

    There are two types of sound testing done in the building:

    Airborne sound insulation – This is done to test the insulation against the sound transmitted through the air, which includes speech, etc.

    Impact sound insulation – This insulation is done to overcome the effects of the impact on floor structure, such as footsteps.

    There are certain performance standards which need to be met, but if a test exceeds those performance results, then that’s even better.

    Sound Insulation Testing in Lancashire – What is the process

    Before proceeding with sound testing, the Noise Control Solutions Lancashire team makes sure that the room in which the process will be carried out is properly prepared. The condition of the building can influence the test results, so preparing the room is pivotal.

    An airborne test is done to test the separating walls or floors. In this, the loudspeaker is placed in the source room that produces a high sound level. A level difference is recorded in the receiving room, either directly above, adjacent, or below. This level difference is standardized to a reference value. The outcome received after airborne testing is a single number that can be compared to a performance standard.

    The impact test is done for testing floors in which a standard tapping machine is placed on the floor of the upper room. A measurement of the sound pressure level is taken in the receiver room that is directly below the source room. There is a specific value that is taken as a reference for impact pressure level. You will get a single number as the impact result, which can be compared to the performance standard.

    Other Types of Buildings

    Our team of experts carries out sound tests for different types of buildings, which include commercial buildings such as offices, schools, healthcare buildings, and factories, etc.

    The testing is offered for managing agents of buildings and is outside of the Building Regulations. The evaluation of floor finish performance is usually obtained from pre and post works testing. Also, keep in mind that the floor finishes are not considered in testing floors under Building Regulations sound test.

    For commercial units, enhanced sound insulation performance standards may be required. In a building where the residential room is separated from another room meant for non-residential purposes such as a shop below a flat, bar, or commercial office, one should seek advice from our specialists on the level of sound insulation required. We are ready to assist our customers based in Lancashire with any problem related to sound testing in commercial or residential setup.

    For more details, it is advised that you should call us today! We offer the most affordable and reliable service in Lancashire, so you don’t have to think twice before opting for sound insulation testing. Give us a call now!